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Early Years Legal Adviser helps Nursery Leaders to meet their legal supervisory duties as laid out in the Early Years Statutory Framework, plus other key legislation areas such as health and safety and employment law.

We explain the legal situation, your rights and responsibilities in an easy-to-digest way, saving you potentially thousands of pounds on legal advice.

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The benefits


Explore the benefits offered by our services:

  • In-depth guidance and practical support to keep children safe, prevent accidents and reduce hazards.

  • Keep up to date on all the legal changes and new judgments that are important for you as a nursery leader.

  • Easy-to-understand and jargon-free explanations of legal texts and legal issues to help reduce your liability and stay on the right side of the law.
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Our features


Early Years Legal Adviser will bring you:

  • Editorial Helpdesk: free 1-to-1 consultation with Robin Jacobs, education law barrister, for your individual early years legal questions. Simply send an email to the editor and you will receive a fast and expert reply, for free, within 48 hours.

  • Members-only Website: exclusive access to checklists, template letters and sample procedures to help you in your daily work – written by education law experts.
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